Anna Hazare and his Goonda School!

Anna Hazare and Ravi Hegde

Recently Anna Hazare was in Bangalore for the 2nd anniversary of Public TV. It was a rare chance for me to lunch with him.

Believe it or not… Anna Hazare runs a school for goonda students

It’s a fact he told me when he was in Bangalore recently for th!e 2nd anniversary of Public TV.

He told – “Most of the school admissions are based on merit. The students who score high will get the admission and those who don’t will be barred from entering the school premises.”

“But the school I run in Ralegan Siddhi is different. The students who score the lowest will be given the first priority here.  If a boy is a goonda or a chor then I am more than happy to admit him.  Eve teasing boys, Beedi smoking kids, Daaru drinking teenagers are most welcome to join this school.”

Why should Anna run this goonda school? Anna has a valid reason indeed.

“That’s because, we need to educate these goonda students and tame them to be good citizens. If our society ignores such spoilt youngsters, they will grow up to be big anti-social elements. So it is our responsibility to ensure that those boys are given a good choice in life and learn the better life skills. Our school does not produce rank holders but it prepares good citizens and human beings.” – Anna explains.

So true isn’t it? A nation doesn’t need rank holders. It needs good citizens. I support Anna’s “goonda school”.

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